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Purpose of the WV BoS CoC HMIS Sub-Committee/User Group:

We here at the WV BoS CoC look to you as HMIS End-Users across our CoC for input regarding the implementation, effectiveness, daily consumer usage, and overall function of the system.  Input from providers who are using the system regularly will allow us to take user feedback and apply it to the overall system administration. Your input as an HMIS End-User is vital to improving the system on multiple levels.  For example, when HUD releases new data standards for HMIS, it is crucial to obtain End-User feedback to develop the most user-friendly workflow possible.  It is also important to acquire feedback from users regarding updates to assessments (i.e. WV BoS VI-SPDAT) in the system when these changes are recommended for overall improvement of the CoC.  There is a need for constant expansion and updating of the system to improve data quality and completeness when reporting to funders and tracking daily client services and individual needs over time.  


  1. Developing the Most “User-Friendly” Workflows Possible.
  2. Act as a “Focus Group” when implementing Changes or Updates to the system.
  3. Define areas of HMIS Performance Improvement.
  4. Provide Feedback to the WV BoS CoC that can then be taken to the WV Statewide HMIS Steering Committee when changes occur across the Statewide Implementation.
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