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For New End Users, please complete the following steps to obtain a Live Site License:

1. Complete Account Request Form for your end user account to be set up in the ServicePoint Training Site.  This form will be automatically submitted to the HMIS Help Desk.  Please allow up to 48 hours for account to be set up.

2. Review the WV BoS HMIS Policies and Procedures and complete the End User License Agreement. This form will be automatically submitted to the HMIS Help Desk.

3.  Watch the HMIS Security Training.  HMIS Security Training is required annually to maintain your end user license.  The WVCEH HMIS Staff will track attendance and deactivate user accounts for users who do not uphold this annual requirement. 

4.  Complete the New User Training Series (HMIS 101-103, and 104 if your agency is an ESG funded Emergency Shelter).  The links to video modules are attached below. For privately funded Emergency Shelter staff, please contact the HMIS Help Desk for additional ShelterPoint training. 

5.  There are New User Reviews which should be submitted after the completion of each training module and can be found on the New User Documents.  Once each review module is submitted to the HMIS Help Desk, the WVCEH HMIS Staff will review your work in the ServicePoint Training Site, and provide feedback within 72 hours.

6.  The link to the ServicePoint Training Site is: https://sp5.servicept.com/huntington_training/com.bowmansystems.sp5.core.ServicePoint/index.html#mainPage 

Username: Will be the first letter of your first name and your last name; all lower case (e.g. John Smith- jsmith) | Password: Password2017 (the year will change each calendar year)

7.  Once you begin the New User Training Series, you must complete it within 30 days, or you must start over.  

8.  When all the steps above are completed, an email will be sent to you with your ServicePoint Live Site account information.

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