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hmis aboutHMIS is a shared data system designed to provide an unduplicated count of homeless individuals, information on the number of people who are homeless, related demographics and their needs over time. 

Local programs in communities implement an HMIS to enter and share client-level data across agencies about homeless persons served in shelters or other agencies.

All HUD funded projects and its HMIS participating federal partners must utilize an HMIS system to track client level data for reporting purposes.

How will HMIS benefit your agency by allowing for better coordination and effective delivery of services and housing between your agency and other providers.

  • Provides an interconnected system of care rather than a sporadic grouping of independent programs.
  • Allows you to see comprehensive history of client needs and services from any agencies using HMIS (including contract shelters).
  • Sharing of client demographics, intake data, and services improves efficiency. Every participating agency becomes a point of entry for the entire network.
  • Ability to track services by funding streams. • Comprehensive, customizable reporting capabilities.
  • Ability to develop case plans, action steps, case notes, goals, and track client progress.
  • Allows you to become part of the Statewide Coordinated Intake and Assessment System. Broader knowledge of available resources, electronically, available 24/7.

 If you are an agency interested in joining HMIS, please contact the HMIS Help Desk at hmishelp@wvceh.org for more information.

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