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Most organizations actively pester the public for donations. Luckily, WVCEH is not the type of organization to do so because, quite frankly, we don’t really believe in it. We are, however, a great bang for your buck. Some reasons would be: 

  • We actively work to hold agencies, local and state, accountable for creating the kind of policies and endeavors that actively end homelessness, not just manage it. 
  • We house over 100 people a year ourselves; targeting the highest need, highest acuity individuals either on the street or in shelters. 
  • Because it costs you, the public, about 5x the amount of money for someone experiencing homelessness to stay on the street than it does to house them (due to law enforcement interdictions, crisis services, and ER visits) and we concentrate on housing people quickly, effectively, and cheaply, we are a great investment. 
  • We keep people housed. To-date, our housing programs have a 98% success rate keeping people in housing. We do intentional, intensive case management using best practices that keep people in housing. 

So, if you elect to donate to us, rest assured your money will put to good use. And, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to e-mail me at zachbrown@wvceh.org and I’ll get back to you. Oh, and Thank You! 

WV Coalition to End Homelessness | PO Box 4697, Bridgeport, WV 26330 | 304-842-9522 | info@wvceh.org | website by brickswithoutstraw