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The Governance Structure of WVCEH is two-fold: The WVCEH Board of Directors and the Governance Structure for the WV Balance of State Continuum of Care (WV BoS CoC). We strive to make the Governance of the BoS CoC representative across disciplines, geographies, and lived experiences of homelessness across 4 main groups currently: 

  • The WV Balance of State CoC Steering Committee: Helps decide the strategic direction and initiatives of the CoC. Provides representative input as to the direction, performance, and success of the CoC.
  • The WV Balance of State HMIS User Group: Provides input as to the function, quality, and needs of the CoC’s Homeless Management Information System. 
  • The WV Balance of State CoC Independent Rating and Ranking Committee: A group independent of the CoC-funded projects that reviews project quality and performance data annually and decides the rate and rank of all CoC projects during the annual HUD funding competition. 
  • The BoS CoC Youth Homelessness Advisory Committee: 

The work in these groups is currently being re-aligned and refined. The Governance Structure of the WV BoS CoC will be fluid, and living in its nature as the needs and demands of ending homelessness across 44 rural counties will be ever in flux. 

The Governance of the CoC will draw from the 5 main regions of the WV Balance of State CoC: 


Further defining and refining the functions of the Governance Structure of the CoC will be the goals through the remainder of 2017. Drawing on the knowledge, expertise and assistance from a wide variety of people and agencies who can help end homelessness in the WV Balance of State CoC will be vital to the continual improvement of the Continuum of Care in its fight against homelessness. For more information about being part of the Governance of the WV BoS CoC, please e-mail: zachbrown@wvceh.org 

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